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22-Feb-2015 03:45

These same tools and action steps can and should be applied to all areas of life including business, sales and leadership."That all sounds great, now tell me what you REALLY want?Though his “aha” moments and insights on how men and women think might originate from a sideways experience, his study and expertise is anything but sideways.It may not be politically correct and might hurt your ego but you will always leave with a seed of change planted and the ability to grow that seed into an oak tree.The stronger your roots the stronger your branch, walking out on a limb is no longer a risk but a way of life.

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These principles don’t just apply to dating, but to business, and friendships. When you first meet Devon Kern what stands out is his confidence about the subject matter of dating.

How men and women really do think and process differently…

Many people refer to Devon as the Rock Star of Dating.

Devon has made it his mission to empower one million single professionals by the end of 2016 and help 1,000,000 of them cut through the usual pitfalls of dating and finally find the crazy and passionate love that they have dreamed of!

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Be exceptional, find exceptional and create exceptional in business, life and love.We waste so much time on average and we wonder why we are getting average results out of our relationships. Fearless conversations that cut to the root of what is standing in our way.

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