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23-Feb-2015 01:00

I had it under the impression that it was a fandom that was rather subtle and often used for imaginary purposes, same as making elven characters for a Dungeons and Dragons campaign or something along those lines.

I then thought it sprouted beyond that for many around the year 2000, but honestly, I was basing that theory off the fact that I've had friends who used furry characters in a simple manner and around Y2K, became a little more exposed to the more public aspects of the fandom.

unless they read too much into it through Google, but that's just looking to get angry now and that's unhealthy.

This is where the furry fandom has hit the opposite snag for me.

My best friend of 10 years is considered a furry, but she's always had the mentality of "keep it behind closed doors, because it's not a lifestyle." For a time, my brief understanding was, people often made a kind of furry version of themselves known as "fursonas", they often used the character for escapist, imaginative purposes in certain themed games or art, and yes, some of them even make a suit of their character for themselves.

Well, though that last one was rather strange for me, the bright side of it is, at least it was rather interesting to know people had the skills to make such a thing.

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I know I sure as hell wouldn't have the patience or the skill to do such a thing.I figure as long as they're not doing the suit thing in say, a restaurant or a public park, and just with other furries, it's none of my business and it's not disrupting anyone ...

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