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04-Jul-2015 19:22

If your child doesn’t have a profile, click “Add Profile” in the upper right-hand corner of the page. Netflix is a great family entertainment service, but as with any online service or digital device, we have to be mindful of the content that our children have access to before they access it.

*Netflix hasn’t changed the type of content that plays according to the age group selected. Before logging out, switch back to your child’s rating. So, use these tools to your advantage, and if you have family or friends with children, tweens and young teens, be sure to tell them about it, too.

If you would like to upgrade your membership to one of our Gold or Silver packages, click on the "Upgrade" link located on the top right side of each web page on the site.

Netflix has updated their parental control settings with the use of “Profiles” for each person using the account.

The control options are the same, and the content-ratings are consistent with those used in the previous options.

As I found out, my then 12-year-old decided to click on “mom and dad’s profile” and help themselves to the beginning of an R rated movie when I was in the other room reading.

Netflix should passcode protect each profile so this won’t happen.

There is also no longer a “teen option” meaning that it is up to parents to decide if their “older kid” is old enough for PG-13 to TV-14 content. Once you’ve chosen the appropriate age group for your child’s profile, click “Done” on the right side of the screen in order to save your new settings. Each time your child uses Netflix, they will be able to watch age-appropriate content within their profile.

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This is a feature we’d really be happy if they didn’t have. Why show R rated content to a child that shouldn’t see it, or is restricted from seeing it? Despite the fact that you can set up these controls, parents still have to be over their child’s shoulder when logging into their account. Log-in every time you want to watch a show above their content rating.

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