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20-Jun-2015 02:51

While concept testing is traditionally done through surveys, focus groups, and landing page testing, prototype validation uses the interface as a starting point to conversation and learning.

It’s a great way reach your design solution faster.

Prototype validation comes in when you’ve determined what user problem you need to solve, but you haven’t yet figured out how to solve it. Indi Young’s Mental Models is a great place to start on the path to understanding your users.

Here’s what you need to know to get started with prototype validation. When creating your prototype, list out the set of accompanying assumptions you’re building into the product. This process of elimination helps determine what’s actually useful so you can design the right solution.

When most people hear I’m a user researcher, they assume I spend the majority of my time doing usability testing. My job is to ensure that we create software that’s both useful and usable. Before our team determines whether that new feature we’re building is delightful and easy to use, we employ prototype validation to pinpoint critical features or interactions. To get to a design solution faster through hypothesis testing.

It’s all about creating as many ideas as possible, then testing those ideas with real users.

Learn how someone currently performs high-value tasks.

—their motivations and what they find most frustrating about the way they currently accomplish a task. During testing, find out if what people do matches your hypothesis. Ask someone if they’ll use your product, and chances are they’ll say yes—even if they won’t.

In-person contextual inquiries (observing users in their own environment) and phone interviews are ways to figure that out. A better way to uncover the truth: learn how someone currently performs high-value tasks.

The value of including early-stage UX research is in the ability to get answers faster.

Do it right and you’ll notice many of your ideas won’t solve the problem. Prototype validation comes in when you’ve determined what user problem you need to solve, but you haven’t yet figured out how to solve it.

It’s a later stage of concept testing that allows you to evaluate how someone feels about a new product before you release it.

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