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PRINCIPALS REPORT (Lisa Siegman) A general discussion, debate & concerns about testing and the results takes place. Reading and Approval of Minutes from January 2013: Minutes Approved. Also we could let parents know how important they are at the coffee catch. TREASURER’s REPORT (Liz Craig): Suggestion: you might want to involve Frank to verify that you can do what you want to with the space.

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We need to out reach to the Bedford and grove street associations as well. Proposal to pay for food: The money we have in our budget is paying for the Audio/Visual aspect of the event so we want to ask for 9 to pay for food. Nick comments: To have teachers there is also very important to the alumns.

If you have a little bit of time and, or energy to help Denise (like counting cars that are on grove to determine a traffic pattern) please be in touch with her. We are also looking for someone who wants to video for free.

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