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Their accents are a relic as strong as the Valley Girl voice.

Caress Me Down Sublime Stories, Tales, Lies, Exagerations Complete rock-umentary type DVD with over 20 live tracks plus backyard parties, acoustic jams, Warped Tour action and everything you could ever want to knoe and see about Sublime. The Space Jam (part 1 & 2) (feat Lilian Viera & Stefan Schmid) .

Lookin' At Me (feat Lady Alma & Jneiro Jarel) .

Gwen Stefani, of No Doubt, contributes guest vocals on the track ' S.. Sublime Greatest Hits All the Sublime you'll ever need on one disc.

Remastered double LP reissue of dub-ska-punks Sublime's slightly more experimental second album. It is noted for its experimental nature and numerous samples and interpolations of other artists. Remastered double reissue of dub-ska-punks Sublimes' Second Hand Smoke released in 1997 and features a collection of (then) unreleased materail and remixes Sublime Sublime Acoustic: Bradley Nowell & Friends Expected TBC. Remastered LP reissue of dub-ska-punks Sublime's acoustic and live acoustic collection on vinyl for the first time. Throughout all these recordings, many of which are decidedly lo-fi, Nowell and a variety of supporting musicians run through Sublime favorites, to..

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Sublime With Rome / Sublime Yours Truly Expected 11th July. The Deluxe Version of ' Yours Truly' features 3 bonus tracks and a fold out Sublime With Rome poster and O-Card with exclusive new art.. Sublime return with their first release since the original Sublime disbanded in 1996, due to lead singer and guitarist.. (JT) Sublime Sublime Final album before the drugs overdose. Includes ' What I Got', ' Same In The End', ' Santeria', ' The Wrong Way' Sublime / Record Store Day Jah Won't Pay The Bills If we have stock left it will be available online from Saturday 23rd April, strictly one per customer Limited edition 25th anniversary LP of Sublime's Jah Won't Pay The Bills on vinyl for the first time! The definitive collection from the ska-punk-dub-reggae legends.. Sublime Sublime Classic last album from the ska-punk-dub-reggae chaps..

Sublime April 29th 1992 (Leary) A bit of a late arrival for Record Store Day, but here it is anyway. Two decades have passed since pop-punk exploded in the American music scene, yet the quintessentially suburban, teen-centric music still seems to bounce around our collective skulls.

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