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03-Jun-2015 22:13

He has two daughters with her as well, Jane (born 2000) and Jada (born 2002). Can't remember clearly, but he dated Nina in low profile during the early 90's.It was said that Nina lost million in investment and Jet filmed many HK movies to settle her debt.In 1987, Li married Beijing Wushu Team member and Shaolin Temple series co-star Huang Qiuyan,[9] with whom he had two daughters. Since Wiki is not known for its accuracy, I will wait for any further clarifications.They divorced in 1990, Since 1999, he has been married to Nina Li Chi (born Li Zhi), a Shanghai-born, Hong Kong-based actress. Divorcing in 1990 and remarrying in 1999 doesn't sound like dumping first wife for Li Zhi.Regarding his 1st wife, Jet Li said that she was good to him and he doesn't know what is true love back then (indicate that he doesn't love her).The thing is, did he give the first wife and his two daughters from those 2 marriages the proper financial support?That is why when I see someone get married, I always question whether it would last and how long it will last.... Well, regardless of how nice a guy is, if their marriage doesn't work out then it just doesn't...He attributed the failure of his first marriage to being immature and not knowing what love was. I think he was married only for a few years before meeting Nina Li and promptly dumping wife number 1.

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Seriously, I didn't even know Nina and Jet were an item until they got married. But anyhow, I know that Jet's ex is actually his childhood sweetheart.

They have been dating when they trained together since young, then were almost in every movie together, like the Shaolin Temple series.

It's just the way people are - they get sick of one thing after they enjoy it and move onto another. I rewatched Jet Li in Shaolin Temple recently (first saw it when I was very young). THose kinds of things happen ALL the time with not just celebs, but normal citizens as well.

It seems like it is a normal thing these days for people to marry and divorce and then get married again...

I guess being young and impulsive, one never thinks ahead to how the future will be and what kind of personality your spouse must be.

They were bound to break up anyhow due to personality differences, and I am surprised they lasted so long, but Nina could somehow be the catalyst and made it quicker. They may or may not have been together while they were still together. I am surprised that most of you seemed shocked that Jet Li actually left his first wife and married Nina Li.

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