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let love live free, and this world will get better. They are innocent and free, and know only love until the world teaches them otherwise.Follow the sidewalk to the end and continue to the tree line. the designer of this neighborhood and of the sidewalks must have been a bit off in the head i think. In order for you to look into my eyes, i must be looking into yours. Had a pink one and a green one and was pretending the Candy Cane was wrestling with the Christmas tree! visionedit2u (2011-11-03 ):maybe they grew hands and legs and just walked away? its funny how people tell on themselves, just put them back please, and nobody will get hurt, :) visionedit2u (2011-10-02 ): If you Love someone, don't be afraid to show it.visionedit2u (2011-10-30 ):you picked my brain again! There will be plenty of time for looking and viewing each other when we get to the waterfall and the secret place behind it! The candy cane decorated the tree with a string of tinsel and tried to choke it. The fear of the thoughts about "what other people will think" should be secondary, but often kills a potentially beautiful relationship. but i would not like to be the one determining which pictures are all right, and which pictures cross the line. visionedit2u (2011-10-16 ):there are still so many nice and beautiful pictures that can be shared publicly.visionedit2u (2011-10-14 ): That is as real as it gets! Much more pleasing and satisfying than paying for a product and receiving it!When will people in general learn this simple truth? visionedit2u (2011-10-03 ):in this world, it is not possible to never ever be sad. we laugh and play and joke and have fun, while the "adults" sit around watching t.v.

I just wish every time someone gets sad and down, that there would be a good friend or family near to comfort, listen, and help cheer up! with all the bad depressing junk like murders and arguments, etc..play with us and lets all be happy and smile! Then i wake up in the secret place behind the waterfall sparks are flying from the fire you made, being spread about by the wind created from the tempest of the waterfall.:) visionedit2u (2011-10-16 ):lol...a nice pic and a smile have a special way of making you and others feel better. ..albums should be labeled with warnings like "Caution! This album could make you emotionally high" visionedit2u (2011-11-01 ):well he is no baby, but he could be my baby, and i seriously almost mentioned babys breath flower in my last comment. a curious statement as its now time for Trick or Treating. Many beautiful inner light people dim their outer lights in fear, appearing dark. visionedit2u (2011-11-02 ):a few people i have liked turned out to not like me back. don't blame yourself or them, it just wasn't a match, thats all. The dream was real, only it is in another vision of reality.visionedit2u (2011-10-31 ): A question of Vision and Insight! Often what you find depends upon what you are looking for. Let "Live to Love" and "Love to Live" be your motto! when you try, you can fly, the words will flow, this i know. using a little imagination sometimes is better than seeing the whole thing anyway. Yes, "The Boss" has enough work to do, and its best to keep at peace with everyone as much as possible.Whats dank in your head, to blank pages on it will spread. visionedit2u (2011-10-16 ):actually you could be standing right next to me, and i wouldn't know who you you were!

visionedit2u (2011-12-01 ):yes, and it usually is very emotional, and deeper than real life, experiencing adventure and pleasure beyond the norm.

Question is: Do you run and hide when you see a dark storm cloud, or do you go out in the midst of it and the pouring rain, and play, knowing there is a chance for lightning?

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