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20-May-2016 23:14

I'm binding the Rad Date Picker to a view Model date Time property. when the property is null in database i get 01/01/0001. When my users select a date via the Calander control within the Date Picker, the value gets correctly bound to the underlying object.BUT, if the user types the date within the Date Picker, then clicks a button, the text is not set to the Selected Date property.

Try Parse(str Value, out result Date Time)) { return result Date Time; } return value; } Gotcha, I can do that.

I am just curious why the binding for selected date only occurs when i purposefully blur the date picker's textbox.

How to i change this behavior to just leave the date field blank.. Date Time") { var dt2 = (Date Time)value; if (dt2 !

example: In database === It is not always possible to change the Data Type from Date Time to Date Time? (A typical scenario is when your control is bound to a database object with a Date Time type but you are busy creating a new record in your control and so the value is still null at that point.) In such a case, it is possible to write a Value Converter as Paulo does in the following link: (See his code for the Edit Date Converter.

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It works just as-is...) I am pasting his code here for reference and in case that link stops working in future: public class Edit Date Converter : IValue Converter { public object Convert(object value, Type target Type, object parameter, Culture Info culture) { if (value !

So if you want the default value as a Empty then just change the datatype of your variable which is bound to control to (Date Time?