Radiological dating of fractures

15-Jun-2015 10:24

by Simon Robben Battered child syndrome, shaken infant syndrome, stress-related infant abuse and non accidental trauma are all terms to describe the complex of non-accidental injuries in infants and young children as a result of abuse.

The term shaken infant syndrome probably best describes the classic pattern of injuries.

This overview focusses on the role of diagnostic imaging in depicting the findings that are specific for child abuse.

Awareness of the radiologist is essential in finding these skeletal and CNS injuries in order to document child abuse, to stop further abuse and to protect siblings.

Studies show that at least 10% of children under 5 years old who are brought to the emergency room with alleged accidents have actually suffered nonaccidental trauma.

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The chest is compressed resulting in rib fractures.

The wide range of findings, which can mimic other disease processes, results in misdiagnosis of many cases of inflicted head trauma.

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