Radiometric age dating flaws

19-Oct-2016 18:00

But hydrogen cannot be made by converting other elements into it.

Yet, by the standard solar energy theory, they do not contain enough hydrogen to perpetuate atomic fusion longer than approximately 50,000 to 300,000 years."Many such pairs consist of two very different types of stars, one theoretically very old and the other young.

How could this be if they had to evolve together in order to form a pair?

On the hydrogen basis of stellar energy This includes the very bright 0 and B class stars, the Wolf-Rayert stars, and the P Cygni stars.

Radiation levels of 100,000 to 1 million times as much as our own sun is emitted by these stars!

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Every conceivable observation can be fitted into it . They have become part of an evolutionary dogma accepted by most of us as part of our training." L. These massive stars radiate energy very rapidly some as much as 100,000 to 1 million times more rapidly than our own sun.

one which cannot be refuted by any possible observations. Ideas, either without basis or based on a few laboratory experiments carried out in extremely simplified systems, have attained currency far beyond their validity. Science tells us otherwise their initial larger mass would have been impossibly large.

"I argue that the theory of evolution' does not take predictions, so far as ecology is concerned, but is instead a logical formula which can be used only to classify empiricisms [theories] and to show the relationships which such a classification implies . these theories are actually tautologies and, as such, cannot make empirically testable predictions. Evidence indicates that each of these giant packs of stars is moving in a certain direction.

An extremely large circular star cluster, with similar stellar orbits within it is found at the center of each saucer-shaped island universe.

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Peters, "Tautology in Evolution and Ecology," American Naturalist, (1976) Vol. Because the orbits are elliptical, they have a tendency to be interlocking.

Each one is a circular ball composed of billions upon billions of stars, each with its own orbit.

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