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Sometimes we meet other pilgrims slogging along with their St James scallop shells swinging from their rucksacks, but none of us has time or breath for more than quick greetings in a variety of languages.

It’s getting late and we won’t reach St-Alban-Sur-Limagnole tonight, but my gîte book shows a hostel not far away that accepts equine travellers.

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We reach a plateau fringed by clouds sailing across the horizon, and the gîte squats invitingly on the plain. ” so in my best French I ask her not to derange herself, and purloin her shovel to lob it into her compost heap. In addition to all the standard handicapping information you're used to, these printed past performances also include our exclusive speed & class ratings. and Canadian common and separate pool wagers on races contested in the U. While every effort has been made to provide accurate information, the USTA is not responsible for errors or omissions. Track Master Past Performances offers race programs for the handicapper who preferes the familiar format of the traditional track program.However, its proprietor is less than inviting, possibly because my horse dumps a small offering in front of her door. I’m not convinced her gîte’s full, but it’s obvious we’re not welcome.

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• Race Replay Links A special icon at the start of a past performance line links to a video replay of that race.(Additional charges apply) NEED HELP?To my relief there’s no sign of the Beast of Gévaudan when we scramble up the track into the Margeride mountains in France’s Massif Central; in the 18th century it supposedly knocked off more than a hundred people and its monster wolf legend lives on.