Realistic dating sim games

05-Aug-2015 08:31

The main objective is that users with high dating skills will be good at the game, and people good at the game will be good at dating. The player will have a defined character, and interact with a girl.This game is to normal dating sims what Gran Turismo is to Burnout, what X-Plane is to Ace Combat. He will have several answers or sentences to choose from, and his choices will affect the flow of the conversation and the end result.And then it’s confusing, and difficult, and you give up. I started a couple of times, and gave up because of a too ambitious project and lack of skills. Maybe it will take me years, but it will move forward. Simplest game possible (a dating sim, with a twist), the objective being to complete it and learn, not to make the best game ever. I will follow this process, which seems well thought, and is a professional thing.

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The “fun factor” for the player is to interact with a realistic flirt model.The player will be able to select different options, see what results it get, and try to reach the end goal anyway.