Redating the great sphinx of giza schoch speed dating over 40 uk

20-Aug-2016 23:54

The thesis of his paper had monumental implications for scientists and historians: if his estimates that the Sphinx was built some 4,500 to 2,500 years prior to the accepted date (ca. C.) were true, historians would have to reconsider what they know about Egyptian civilization during that time (7000 to 5000 B. At present, the earliest “firm” date in Egyptian history is around 3,500 B.It has long been asserted that before dynastic times, the peoples of Egypt did not have the technology or social organization required to cut out the core body of the Sphinx.From my casual observations it did appear that something funny might be going on relative to the weathering of what are presumably structures of identical ages carved out of what appear to be very similar or identical rocks.Many connoisseurs consider the Great Sphinx to be the greatest sculpture on Earth — and not only on account of its size.

West subsequently arranged for me to visit the Giza Plateau with him for a week during June of 1990.

During that week I was able to roam the Giza Plateau as a tourist and make casual eyeball observations of the rocks and structures, but we did not have official permission to carry out scientific research and we were not permitted access to the Sphinx enclosure or the Sphinx Temple.

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