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22-Jun-2015 21:44

Whether you like it or not, the two of you are going to get very close, very fast: it’s inevitable and irresistible (if you’re normal)—only the sociopathic seem capable of resisting its siren song.The feelings we develop for someone we’re sleeping with are real and powerful and intense, as is the attachment, the craving, and the newfound neediness.By contrast, if you’re sleeping with the same person, you can attain the same level of intimacy in less than two weeks!That’s why I tell students in my “Love and Friendship” class that sex is love’s fast-forward button.Offenders listed are kidnapping offenders and Level II and III sex offenders.

One day you wake up and realize—perhaps to your horror—that your connection to this person has—seemingly overnight—come to constitute a kind of natural fact, like gravity, climate change, tropical hurricanes, and the Montreal winter.

The conviction came following a 2-day trial, during which the prosecution showed the jury a video filmed by a grandmother during a July visit to Cortez Beach in Bradenton.