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13-May-2016 07:17

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So we don't guilt trip ourselves for being slow to take action on CFS/FMS.We have a 4-year old son who brings us loads of joy. Obviously we're not angels -- that's ridiculous.At the moment, my wife is on a protocol to hopefully move her past this terrible disease, so we aren't able to have more kids yet. We lose our patience with each other and have fought about things pretty heavily over the years. I'm going to assume you're considering entering a committed relationship with someone who you know has or just came down with CFS/FMS (Chronic Fatigue and Immune Dysfunction Syndrome/Fibromylagia Syndrome).

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But with all the reinforcement from #4, and a lot of help from God, I think we do #1-3 most of the time, which is pretty remarkable for any couple in my opinion.I think that's why we're so happy together. But it's critical you have some sort of mechanism in place to reinforce that type of personal development, continuously.