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Within the context of the Phanerozoic Eon, geologists beginning in the late 1700's recognized that fossils appeared in an orderly fashion in stratigraphic units.

Moreover, these geologists recognized that the fossilized biota demonstrated rather large changes in overall composition and showed both similarities with, and differences from living taxonomic groups.

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the Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic Eras) representing the period of Earth's history with advanced life forms, and the Pre Cambrian (or Proterozoic and Hadean Eras) representing the period before advanced life.The majority of fossil organisms, however, did not match with modern groups; this led to the classification of three major eras within the period of time when the Earth's surface was populated with advanced life forms.These eras were referred to as the Paleozoic (meaning ancient life), the Mesozoic (meaning middle life), and the Cenozoic (meaning recent life) based on their relative similarity with modern taxa.The oldest rock is _____________ and the next oldest is ____________. A is a (dike, sill, batholith, stock, none of these).

It is (true, false, not determinable) that A is younger than E.

The Ordovician Period is stratigraphically younger than the Cambrian Period and stratigraphically older than the Silurian, which overlies it.

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