Religions predating the bible

10-May-2016 14:03

Jesus said, It seems strange to us today, but the concept of sacrifice for atonement (reconciliation between God and humans) was very familiar in Jesus' time.

However, salvation is not a gift given to all (Matthew -14, Luke -27); the Bible lists many requirements for salvation.

Although we do not fully understand the how or why of Jesus' sacrificial death, it offers us a chance for salvation, and that is the central belief and hope of Christianity.

We are frequently asked these questions, and this article attempts to summarize what the Bible says about salvation or being saved or getting to heaven. Matthew, Mark and Luke emphasize high moral standards, love for one another, and commitment.

Often, the Bible does not give clear answers, or the Bible teachings can be interpreted different ways, and that is why there are so many different beliefs about salvation. We can never measure up to God's standards, but we must put forth our very best effort, and when we fail, we must repent and resolve to do better.

All Christians, however, agree we can be saved only by the grace of God; we cannot save ourselves or determine our own fate after death. These and many more questions have been the work of countless theologians over the past 2000 years. Many wise and devoted people have spent a lifetime of study and prayer and have come to different conclusions about salvation!