Repricing and backdating

04-Oct-2016 12:20

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This "problem" may interfere with the ideal of management pay set by "arm's length" negotiation between the executive attempting to get the best possible deal for him/her self, and the board of directors seeking a deal that best serves the shareholders, rewarding executive performance without costing too much.The compensation is typically a mixture of salary, bonuses, equity compensation (stock options,etc.), benefits, and perquisites.Most of the private sector economy in the United States is made up of such firms where management and ownership are separate, and there are no controlling shareholders.This separation of those who run a company from those who directly benefit from its earnings, create what economists call a "principal–agent problem", where upper-management (the "agent") has different interests, and considerably more information to pursue those interests, than shareholders (the "principals").It has often had surprising amounts of deferred compensation and pension payments, and unique features such as executive loans (now banned), and postretirement perks and guaranteed consulting fees.Since the 1990s, CEO compensation in the US has outpaced corporate profits, economic growth and the average compensation of all workers.Between 19, Mutual Fund founder John Bogle estimates total CEO compensation grew 8.5 percent/year compared to corporate profit growth of 2.9 percent/year and per capita income growth of 3.1 percent.

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though that has not stopped some companies from going over the limit.In the other direction, "some of the largest and most successful corporation" in the US—Google, Capital One Financial, Apple Computer, Pixar Studios—paid a CEO annual salary a token —i.e.