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02-Mar-2015 21:35

The bottle stamps that once graced all bottles of distilled spirits are technically not taxpaid stamps, even though many of them said “tax paid” on them.

State revenue stamp collectors long ago dubbed these liquor seals.

National Prohibition saw some of the more curious stamps or stamp related emissions emanating from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing.

There were Nonbeverage distilled spirits taxpaid stamps, doctors’ prescription blanks for medicinal alcohol, alcohol warehousing stamps, and the unique quarter pint bottle stamps for bottled in bond distilled spirits. When National Prohibition descended on the nation on January 16, 1920, there were three ways that beverage alcohol could be obtained legally: sacramental wines were allowed, medicinal distilled spirits and wines could be prescribed by a physician, and the male head of the household was permitted to produce 200 gallons of wine for his household.

The distillers paid a flat fee of 1/2¢ for these bottle stamps for bottles of a half pint or larger regardless of the bottle size and the amount of tax that was due.

The actual taxes were assessed and paid through a reporting system.

But by 1924 the distilling industry had convinced the government to permit a smaller bottle, the quarter pint (a mere 4 fluid ounces) that physicians could supply to their suffering patients.

This was a convenience to the pharmacists who filled prescriptions for medicinal alcohol, the maximum quantity for a 30 day prescription being a pint.The distilleries were very eager to fill orders for medicinal alcohol, principally spiritus frumenti (spirits of grain), commonly known as whiskey.The bottled in bond bottle stamps in use at the beginning of Prohibition still had the word “Tax Paid” as a central part of the design, but by 1922 these words were removed from the stamps.Only two sizes of bottles were permitted by this time, a half pint and a pint.

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In the event that the spirits were removed for sale, the taxes were due immediately.The payment of the taxes was usually indicated with ink applied with a stencil on the case stamp.

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