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30-Dec-2015 23:45

But for those who weren't already familiar with this very important series it can be hard to keep straight how all five seemingly stand-alone movies actually relate to one another (they do! That's because Anne Fletcher's 2006 dance drama was more concerned with a wrong-side-of-the-tracks romance than exciting set-pieces.In a star-making turn for Channing Tatum (well, star-making to those who hadn't already seen his star-making turn in Amanda Bynes' finest hour She's the Man), the model turned actor used his legit dancing skills previously only seen in Florida strip clubs to dazzling effect.

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(Then again, it’d be far less creepy if they’d do it when they’re not pretending to be your mom and sister for a heist scheme.) The cast reveals what their go-to striptease (another important plot point of the movie) soundtrack would be. v=_BNO1Yv NCa0 Don’t get your fangs out, but the ever-faithful Twi-hards helped Edward and Bella—er, Pattinson and Stewart—win for four consecutive years for their on-screen lip locks. ”s that followed these kisses still ring in our ears. (Especially if you’re making out with Jennifer Lawrence or Bradley Cooper! Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair in The first-ever recipients of the Best Kiss award is, by far, the most innocent on the list, but it still makes hearts flutter with joy even after all these years.

A decade later and it’s still as smoldering as ever.

With this weekend's release of Step Up All In, the long-running dance movie franchise achieves the rarified milestone of a FIFTH theatrically released installment. Typically that franchise needs to have visceral thrills of which an audience will never tire, things like car chases (The Fast and the Furious), exploding viscera (Final Destination, Saw, Resident Evil, A Nightmare on Elm Street), laserbeams (Star Trek), or small black women shouting into bullhorns (Police Academy).

Tatum played Tyler, a kid who'd grown up in the system and fell in with the wrong crew, leading him to vandalize a local arts high school.

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In an industry where sequels are the rule it's still surprisingly rare for a film franchise to make it to number 5.

We can now add to this list 'hunks doing body-rolls' because with Step Up All In, everybody's favorite dance-movie franchise has finally unlocked this rarified achievement: a FIFTH theatrically released film! Like the Friday the 13th franchise before it, the first movie in the Step Up franchise is the outlier of the series in that both films' signature features weren't actually present yet (which, in the case of Friday, was Jason Voorhees, and in the case of Step Up was ACTUAL FUN).

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