Robin dating scooby

29-May-2016 22:32

shaggy is a having a peaceful day by himself and chilling while his friends are away.

"Shaggy was surprised about this and well he and Scooby are usually answer the door for pizza and the other things.

Lastly is Scooby-doo he's off for a family get together in Chicago for a few days and be back soon.

Shaggy on the other hand is good without mysteries and monsters scaring him he can finally relax and eat to his heart's and guts intent and no Scooby playing robin woof with the food.

For Daphne she thought of shaggy like a brother to her and they got each other's backs And she's good with Scooby and while she was dating fred, she thought he was the guy she wanted to spend her life with.

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What everyone else don't know is that shaggy has been friends with Daphne for a long time before mystery inc.ever existed and has been supportive of her and fred dating and comfort her when they broke up a few mths back and giving her support if she needs it, and also he has a secret crush on her and no one in the gang knows it, not even Scooby.

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