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14-Jun-2016 04:11

They are just using sexual power like women always have and now the women are upset that their turf is being invaded.Great topic but instead of spending time reading their posts, I got sucked into a quiz at Roissy's place.For those of you not familiar with his work, Roissy is a blogger who discusses the techniques of PUAs.If you are not familiar with this dating approach, check out books such as Neil Strauss's Apparently, I would be a real loser on the dating scene.It doesn't take into account outliers who do not fit the criteria.Apparently, alpha females don't curse, have an average to just above average (but no higher IQ), and wear heels over three inches. I never thought of myself as a beta female but I guess I'll just have to get used to it.

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I started following some posts on Pick Up Artists (PUA) at Megan Mc Ardle's place and saw that Vox Day and Roissy had joined in to argue about whether or not PUA's are "girlie men" (Megan Mc Ardle seems to think they are).

I don't think PUAs are "girlie men," but if they are, so what?