Roman calendar dating

07-Aug-2016 18:21

It lasted long enough and the pressures were resisted firmly enough for so many of what were Roman practices, even before the Christian era, to become entrenched in modern life.Latin inscription on an altar to Disciplina, a military cult deity, found at Birrens, Dumfriesshire, and dating from between AD 120 to 180.Dials may be fitted to the horizontal shafts (L, M).As such it was the language of scholarship, and of prose, in western Europe during the Middle Ages and the Renaissance; it is the language of the Roman Catholic Church; and it survives intact within the English language in the form of tags and phrases.

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Roman aqueduct at Segovia, 29 m high and still in working order.

(VRoma: Paula Chabot) The remarkable thing about the Roman civilization is not that it ultimately collapsed, but that from such minute beginnings it survived for so long under so many external and internal pressures.

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