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Having been involved with him at the peak of his looks, charisma and fame must make his decline all the more shocking for Sally, 58.Earlier this week, the Mail published a startling photograph of the now 64-year-old actor looking frail and older than his years as he hobbled along the streets near the residential home where he now lives.You'd be forgiven for thinking that dating one of the country's biggest heartthrobs at the height of his success would be a passport to excitement and riches.Candlelit dinners-a-deux at the best restaurants in town, romantic holidays in far-off climes, evading the paparazzi and beating jealous female fans off with a stick come with the territory, right?Well, no, says actress Sally Thomsett ruefully - it's more like quiet nights in and TV dinners. For three years, in the Seventies, Sally dated fellow actor Richard O'Sullivan, at the time the star of Man About The House and an idol to millions of Seventies.Dressed in a uniform of tight jeans and shirts left open to reveal a hairy chest, you could almost smell the Denim aftershave.O'Sullivan chose to go into the Brinsworth House for retired entertainment actors in Twickenham, south-west London, after suffering a severe stroke in 2003, from which he never fully recovered.Two years earlier, he broke his leg in an accident, the legacy of which is the walking stick he still has to use today.

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Up to 16million people tuned in every week after the show began in 1973 to see if Robin Tripp, played by O'Sullivan, would ever seduce smart, intelligent Chrissie (Paula Wilcox). Sally, meanwhile, played Jo, practically introducing the idea of the dumb blonde into British consciousness.And off-screen, it was her, not Paula, the dashing Richard fell for.