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We all deserve to live in congruence, tolerance of cultural traditions and religious contemplation, for it only enriches Humanity.

As poet what matters the most to me is this fiery need to express emotions which require, when stabbed by painor love or joy, tobe release in verses. A state of mind or soul then expressed with conscience, sensibility, highest consideration of the beauty of language, to the inner self and the outer self, to the bigger word, to become a world of their own.

Right now I am in a process of writing poetry for peace and women’s struggles, taking a stand for it is necessary to voice to the world that we need to come to terms and make it better for all, not for some.

As poet we must convey messages to subdue humanity of wrongdoings and praise all efforts towards that ideal.

For once, I have worked with victims of domestic violence and have seen how impotent they become, how a strong emotional support is vitalfor them to start on new and better terms with themselves, rather than financial or legal help. With the support of the Minister of State, Anglican Bishop, among other influential Ghanaian leaders and advocates from different countries.

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And if some healing or noble action- reaction is possible, my poetry has achieved a purpose, a reason to be. Julia is considered to be one of the greatest female poets in Latin American history.

I actually have her original 1954 poetry book titled I like to write about the soul and social justice, although I also write about love as the greatest force governing our minds and emotions.

Bring the “human” to “human rights.” Make it personal. Right now I have returned from a Poetry Festival in Ghana and while there was able to talk to many leaders of organizations and activists working in deprived neighborhoods, providing education, medical relief and hope.

Human rights violations, social neglect, violence affectus all, eventhose blissfully unaware of such. The proposal for WM World Summit on women’s issues, health and educations has taken place for 2017.

Related Women: | Australia Western Australia Uganda Optical Dispenser Shanzo (Hyderabadi Martial Arts) Trance Single American Intimate Encounter Bald Women romantics high lively looking Seeking Esperance | hi im looking for any white partner from any country for love age doesn't matter iwill be greatfull if any one take her time to email me oving caring and honest im serious and ineed aserios partner for along term; ***** . Being poetry the most compelling force connecting beyond borders and ideologies, poets have the mission to reconcile a strife-torn and wounded world. Its transcendent beauty is within each of us as the ultimate knowledge to sublimate ourselves and others, to reach spiritual conscience and fraternal harmony. This is our highest responsibility as poets, to make it possible.

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