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However, Tubohotel's concrete modules add a touch of glass and comfort to allow guests a better panoramic view of the local mountain range, Sierra del Tepozteco.Legend has it that Tepoztlan is the birthplace of Quetzalcoatl, Mexico's ancient feathered serpent god.The numbered codes are for cleaning staff, and are used by station announcers to direct them to mess.Targeting budget travellers, accommodations are affordable (500 pesos or USD per night) and according to Tubohotel's website, there are two bathroom houses, private showers and toilets on-site and local cuisine with a celebrity chef nearby as well.More on Concrete Why Concrete's Colossal Footprint is More Complicated Than You Think (and Why That Matters to Everyone)Another Reason to Laugh When They Say that Concrete is Green ...

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Of course, producing concrete creates a colossal ecological footprint, but recycling concrete makes it much more eco-friendly as a building material.The modules are mostly arranged in stacked pyramids of three tubes to free up the wooded site, the top room of each pyramid is accessible via a set of stairs.

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“Now I’m seeking something more than the strictly artistic rewards of being a musician.” After graduating, Carson hopes to teach at a downtown public school—perhaps at a magnet Montessori program like the one getting started at James Simons Elementary.… continue reading »

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