Rsvp dating experiences

13-Apr-2016 23:13

But Astrid is taking time out because real life is just too hard at the moment. She’ll be back with the team when the dust settles.

It’s not always so easy for the three women to find time for dating each week, let alone to write about it.

Now we have that love that I used to look at others and think it wasn't real.

Over two and a half years later and we are engaged and couldn't be happier!

Read more We were both finding it hard to find someone special.

After this week we’ll only bring you updates from the girls’ adventures when there’s real action to report.

That will ease the strain on the team and make sure the project remains fun for all concerned and entertaining for our readers.

Read more From the first moment, the spark in Grants eye was undeniable.

With the geographical distance between us it was lovely having space to just chat and very quickly became evident that there was an exceptionally beautiful connection here.

The Dating Project follows the adventures of three women Lou Lou (30s), Astrid (40s) and Eloise (50s) as they navigate the tricky online dating scene.Along the way they have the support and advice of renowned sex therapist Bettina Arndt and relationship counsellor Rob Tiller.