Rules of the dating game show

10-Mar-2015 13:30

In the main game, each match was worth 10 points with 50 points (five matches) needed to win. Each match made in the Audience Match was worth for maximum of on each question.On March 27-31, 1967 "The MATCH Game" welcomes the Telephone Match as being presented by AT&T and where Gene Rayburn talks on the phone to the viewer of the NBC-TV station who watches the show to win the share of the cash jackpot of 0 and Mr.Rayburn reads the question and Rayburn tells the viewer to pick a number from 1 to 100+.Mark Goodson-Bill Todman Productions (1962-82)Mark Goodson Productions (1989-91, 1998-99)Fremantlemedia North America (2006-Present)Granada (2006)Entertain the Brutes/El Dorado Pictures (2016-present) Two teams of three players (consisting of two civilian contestants & one celebrity team captain), competed in this early version which was a game of judgment.

As the viewer calls out 1 number with a mock ticket to come to stand ask Johnny Olson (along with sub-Announcers Mel Brandt, Roger Tuttle, Howard Reig & Bill Hallaran) his or her name and the place that he or she lives to write down the answer to the fill-in-the-blank question and after that the caller can answer the fill-in-the-blank question to able enough to match to win and share the jackpot or otherwise it's a mismatch and they lost the jackpot, to which 0 can be added.The record-breaking total is 00 and after having the mismatch answer, each one of the caller before hangs up & the audience contestant goes home with the Board Game Edition of "The MATCH Game." The pilot was exactly the same as the series except that the scoring format was different.Host Rayburn asked three questions, and on each question, the team gave individual verbal answers that they think was the number one answer (they can agree or disagree on each other's answers).The contestants divide for each player on the team they did give the #1 answer for a maximum of 0, so with three questions, they can win up to 0.

The first team to reach 100 points (make four matches (10 early in the run)) won 0 and went on to play the Audience Match.In the Audience Match, the winning team attempted to match members of the previous studio audience.

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