Run code after updating pivot table

16-Aug-2016 21:20

I guess I need a macro that somehow says "Do Not Refresh" Pivot table, IF I hit a button that I could call "Pivot Reset". thx tols I have built a spreadsheet with 24 pivot tables. I trying to write a Macro that will refreshes the all of the pivot tables. How can I make sure columns outside the pivot table remain aligned with the subtotals of those inside the pivot table? Pivot table macros can run painfully slowly, even if you have turned off screen updating and disabled events.To make the code run faster, you can try adding a line that turns off automatic updating in the pivot table.I would like to auto refresh both pivot tables by clicking on the worksheet tab.

Code: Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() Pivot Tables(2). I have about 10 pivot filters in the columns A&B that need to be selected and reapplied everytime a new user wants to apply a new filterset. I need a macro that resets them back to "ALL" or "Multiple Selections" setting. Secondly, I already have a macro installed that refreshes the pivot table everytime a filter is changed. Hello, I'm trying to automatically refresh 2 pivot tables on one worksheet. Refresh End Sub Now I've added another pivot table on this sheet. I have to click away from this pivot table sheet and re-click it to update the other one. Pete hi, i have lots of pivot tables and charts based on those table. i apply formatting to a particular chart like colors,shadow etc 2 then later when new data is added to pivot table i refresh the pivot table 3. Private Sub Worksheet_Calculate() 'If data on this worksheet changes, refresh the pivot table Sheets("Southwest"). Refresh Table End Sub Therefore, even if I installed another macro to reset the filters (which I don't have yet), it would be overidden by this reset pivot table filters macro. I was using the following when I only had one table and it worked well: Private Sub Worksheet_Activate() Active Sheet. I'm sure there is a simple way to fix this, but I'm a newb. after the above the chart refreshes but the formatting dissapears how should i correct the problem?

Hi all, I can only refresh the Pivot Tables automatically by setting it refresh on open via the Pivot Table Options. I am using Exel 2007 and I am trying to put a macro together that refreshes a pivot table after new data is inputted.

The data sheet is named as "Add for Pivot Chart" and the pivot table is in another worksheet called "sheet 7".