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If theres a new update on either of the version of Runescape, you can switch your wealth among Rs3 and Oldschool version real quick by swapping.This will save you time and give you an oppurtunity to enjoy whatever you feel like.

For example when the god wars came to oldschool, thousands of player swapped their Rs3 gold for oldschool so they can be prepared before hand when GWD is released.

Whereas their were also players who already had enough gold in oldschool and were prepared to grind GWD for the loots and then swap the loots for RS3 gold, hence giving them a chance to make gold easily.

Even after getting a completionist cape, there’s still a lot to do to accomplish. For the people that don’t know what Final Boss is, it’s a title that’s awarded by killing all 100 bosses in the game (normal and Hard modes are added up in a total).

Sure, they’re fairly player-driven and not something the game encourages, but digging deeper shows even more content to do. Currently out of that list, all I have left to do is 54 Barrows runs and 69 Fight Kiln. Well, each Barrows run takes 3 minutes and Kiln 25 minutes (AFKing it at least, concentrating takes 20 minutes).

With 54 * 3 minutes + 69 * 25 minutes, that’s 1887 minutes, or roughly 31 hours.Regardless, I hope to get it by the end of the month.