Russian dating marriage customs Mature dirty char bot

12-Sep-2016 00:28

But the modern Russian tradition does not suppose it.Just be romantic and allow her to have a very unique and lovely experience she could recall for years.Wedding traditions in Russia are more complicated than that.Again, in the past Russian wedding had many traditions to follow and it had some very strict rules. Here is a Russian wedding proverb for you: That is how it used to be.It used to be pretty much the same way in Russia in the past.However, during the Soviet times, things have changed, and engagement has become a bit outdated. So, you need to prepare and think out of a romantic and lovely way to propose to your Russian sweetheart.

At this, you may or may not give her an engagement ring.Of course, it would be a beautiful thing, and she might be expecting it from you since you are a foreigner.

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