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27-Sep-2015 07:26

Facebook seemed pretty plain to anyone who had started with the multi-coloured swapshop world of My Space and Bebo, but Saga Zone is like stepping into the library.

No opportunity to post exciting photos or share favourite music or video clips, not even the online scrabble which occupies far too much of my time on Facebook.

It is over at the forums that most of the activity is going on, and here it is pretty lively.

Discussions on everything from gardening to relationships, from technology to prostate cancer are attracting plenty of interest.

So I started my own thread, asking why people would choose a network that is defined by age, rather than one anyone can join.

"The people on here are intelligent, well read, and interesting, and they know something about life," said "Jen". " Plenty others had joined other networking sites and found them unsatisfying.

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The travel and insurance company believes there is a sizeable audience out there which wants to socialise online but is intimidated by the poking, loud music and startlingly indiscreet pictures which are part and parcel of the likes of Facebook and My Space.The theory is they will be more comfortable in somewhere like Saga Zone, a site which will refuse you membership if you are under 50.So I took a journey into the Saga Zone to find out whether it really stood a chance of winning an audience. To get access, I was forced to make a slight adjustment to my date of birth to make it appear I was fifty - though not by as much as I would have liked."I'm far too fat and hard-up to want to talk fashion or designer labels and what's more, I know what an apostrophe is and WHERE not to put one," wrote "orkneymermaid".

The BBC's technology correspondent, Rory Cellan-Jones, goes undercover to find out what life is like for silver surfers in the newly launched Saga Zone. That's a question I asked earlier this year after signing up to Facebook, My Space and Bebo and struggling to find friends of my own vintage.

The answer was a resounding no - within days of voicing my concerns I had hundreds of new friends and was spending far too much time socialising online.

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