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And I love Kathy Griffin, but all the stuff with her shouting “Where my gays at? It just seems kind of antiquated — I just wanted to say “Enough! I told my producer Natalie, like, blast it out to your friends and maybe we’ll get a thousand hits! ” It’s nice to know that other people are sick of it as well.I had no idea that it would blow up into something else, that I’d be asked to do more, that I’d be getting Facebook messages from people saying, “Oh, yes, finally! Safi: I think I had never heard it out loud before, even though everyone was feeling the same thing.And then everyone else here helps out with the smart part.I’m really excited to be attending my cousin’s baby shower this month, but I thought it was incredibly odd when my aunt told me that men don’t come; showers are for women only.Safi: I think, because gays have been marginalized for so long, [gay culture]’s really nothing but stereotypes right now. Safi: I would say the way media perceives gay culture.And also within gay culture there’s different types: Are you an Abercrombie & Fitch guy; or are you a punk guy; or are you emo; or are you Adam Lambert? I think that all of that stuff is in there; like ads about gay dating certainly address gay stereotypes. I loved Funny Or Die — it was a blast to work there — but my job became more and more administrative and I was looking for something more creative and this was right in front of me.But when you look at it through a media perspective, it’s easier to nail and it registers so quickly for people. Safi: I can’t speak for Sarah, but instantly, for every scenario, I try to find the joke immediately, even if it ends up being a horrible one. And once I have a topic for the segment, there are a lot of cutaways to sketches and I always start there — that’s the first thing that pops into my head, and then we build out from there.

In the first installment (which racked up over 70,000 views on Current’s site), Safi lashed out against the gay best friend stereotype, before moving on to discuss gay marriage and whether or not Sasha Baron Cohen’s and being so offended when [Patty Stanger] asked a guy she’d never met if he was a top or a bottom.

I was thrilled that gay people really embraced it and I was really thrilled that women did, too.

It spoke to everyone in that way, that everyone identified with that relationship.

With every best girlfriend I’ve ever had, I love them all to death, but you do become kind of a dump truck for their problems sometimes.

So it was nice to point it out, and it was nice to hear that other people thought the exact same thing.How “normal” is it to have women-only baby showers?