Saveorupdate is not updating mtv dating series

02-Nov-2014 08:34

public Action Result Update Post(int id, Form Collection form) { var post = Http Context. We generally discourage the use of the two-argument form since it may be used to create primary keys with business meaning.The second version allows you to supply an instance into which the state will be loaded. Birthdate), count(cat) from Cat cat " + "group by cat. Enumerable(); foreach ( object[] row in results ) { Color type = (Color) row[0]; Date Time oldest = (Date Time) row[1]; int count = (int) row[2]; .....

One version takes a class object and will load the state into a newly instantiated object.(Except for lifecycle objects, discussed later.) NHibernate users have requested a general purpose method that either saves a transient instance by generating a new identifier or update the persistent state associated with its current identifier. NHibernate distinguishes "new" (unsaved) instances from "existing" (saved or loaded in a previous session) instances by the value of their identifier (or version, or timestamp) property.The (cat ID); // in a higher tier of the application Cat mate = new Cat(); cat.Save Or Update(mate); // save the new instance (mate has a null id).

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(When no data is cached or repeated, IEnumerable en = sess. Save(potential Mate); // in a higher tier of the application cat.Create Query( "select customer, product " + "from Customer customer, " + "Product product " + "join customer. Mate = potential Mate; // later, in a new session second Session. Update(mate); // update mate if it wants their state also updated.

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