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When word gets back to the local communities about the new romance, it does not go over well.Their halting, tentative conversations expand into "working late," eating Chinese food from the take-out, and finally having sex right there on top of the blueprints.Because I have heard Lee discuss the film, I know he believes that the Snipes and Sciorro characters are blinded to other issues by each other's blackness and whiteness - that she is intrigued by the myth of black male prowess, that he is fascinated by the ideal of white female beauty.The black architect comes from a traditional, God-fearing Harlem family. Jackson), who is a crackhead who has gone as far down as Flipper has gone up.His father (Ossie Davis) is a self-righteous former preacher called the Good Reverend Doctor Purify by one and all. Flipper is married to Drew (Lonette Mc Kee), and he loves her, but that has nothing to do with the fever.The office worker comes from an Italian-American family in Bensonhurst.Angie is engaged to Paulie (John Turturro), who works all day in the luncheonette owned by his father (Anthony Quinn), a hidebound old man who sits around upstairs praying to the photograph of his wife.

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It's as if Lee himself, as a screenwriter, could see these characters only as stereotypes - could not, or would not, get inside of them.They lunge hungrily at one another, but his camera looks away from their passion, is already moving on to the real subjects of his film, which he finds in the communities that the two characters came from.Lee has explained this belief in countless interviews, and yet it remains the murkiest element in his new film, which is brilliant when it examines the people who surround his feverish couple, but uncertain when it comes to the lovers themselves.The victims of "Jungle Fever" are Wesley Snipes as Flipper, an affluent, married, successful architect, and Annabella Sciorra as Angie, a temporary office worker. She comes to work in his Manhattan office one day, their eyes meet, and the fever starts.

"Jungle Fever" is Spike Lee's term for unhealthy sexual attraction between the races - for relationships based on stereotypes.

Too often, he believes, when blacks and whites go to bed with one another, they are motivated, not by love or affection, but by media-based myths about the sexual allure of the other race.

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