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Ms Sturgeon said: " The issue you're talking about is whether there would require to be a legislative consent motion, or motions in the Scottish Parliament for the legislation that extricates the UK from the European Union."Looking at it from a logical perspective I find it hard to believe that there wouldn't be that requirement, I suspect the UK Government will take a very different view on that and we'll have to see where that discussion ends up."When asked if she would consider asking the Scottish Parliament not to back a motion for legislative consent, she stated: " Of course, if the Scottish Parliament was judging this on the basis of what's right for Scotland then the option of saying we're not going to vote for something that is against Scotland's interests, of course that is on the table."She continued: " I care about the rest of the UK, I care about England, that's why I'm so upset at the UK wide decision that's been taken.

But my job as First Minister, the Scottish Parliament's job, is to judge these things on the basis of what's in the interests of people in Scotland."She said she could imagine the "fury" such a move could spark in England, but added: "I t is perhaps similar to the fury of many people in Scotland right now as we face the prospect of being taken out of the European Union against our will."Ms Sturgeon told ITV's Peston on Sunday programme: ''If the Scottish Parliament votes to have another referendum in circumstances where that is the only thing we think we can do to protect our interests then frankly it is inconceivable that a Westminster government, who have thrust this situation upon us, would seek to block that, and I would seriously caution any prime minister, present or future, against doing that.

We want to turn the process of devolution upside down; the four nations of the United Kingdom should be sovereign but agree to pool that sovereignty on issues that it is agreed are best handled at a UK level.

READ MORE: Theresa May vows to 'build a better Britain' as she puts defence of Union at heart of her government “The issues that divide the nation are far outweighed by the common values and cultures that have bound us together for hundreds of years.

A Panelbase survey for the Sunday Times in Scotland found that when ''don't knows'' were excluded, 52% of those likely to vote would back independence, with 48% in favour of continuing as part of the UK.

An online poll by Scot Pulse - which is not a member of the British Polling Council - for the Sunday Post put support for independence higher than that, saying 59% would vote Yes in a second independence referendum, 32% would vote No and the remainder of the 1,600 sample were undecided.

The bill includes proposals for: Recently, members of the CRG met David Cameron, the former PM, and have begun a process of liaison with the Cabinet Office, recognising that it is only with government support that it has any prospect of changing the constitution.

READ MORE: World reacts to Boris Johnson's appointment as Foreign Secretary The aim of the 48-page Act Of Union Bill 2016 is to “to affirm that the peoples of [our] nations and parts have chosen to continue to pool their sovereignty for specified purposes, and to provide universal citizenship with social and economic rights”.

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DEVOLUTION should be “turned upside down” to create a federal Britain, a group of senior cross-party politicians insists today as it publishes a draft Bill to create a new Act of Union.

The Constitution Reform Group (CRG) believes that its proposed legislation is now the last chance to save the 300-year-old union given the renewed threat of a second Scottish independence referendum in the wake of the Brexit vote.