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Thy have a near-monopoly ownership of English language newspapers in the province.

They are also adept at leveraging their ability to create jobs, to get the best deal possible on any transaction.

In 2005, JD Irving Ltd struck a 21-year deal with the government-owned power utility company NB Power to supply JD Irving Ltd with synthetic gypsum for a new plasterboard factory in Saint John.

It is also one of the most Irish cities in North America.

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Irving Oil’s home city of Saint John (not to be confused with St John’s, Newfoundland) lies on the southern coast of the small Canadian province of New Brunswick.Saint John often plays second fiddle to the provincial capital of Fredericton, and it has its own distinctive character, climate and attitude.After all, why should anyone else get a cut of the profits? You would do well to find someone in the province who doesn’t know an Irving employee, so there is a huge loyalty towards a family that puts the province on the map, and food on the table.On the flip side, the Irvings are seen by some as having too much influence and power.

But the Irvings didn’t become Canada’s third richest family by letting sentimentality affect their decisions, especially when it comes to buying an oil refinery that lost €263 million in 2014.The Irving business empire took off under K C Irving after World War I.