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To summarize again, at level 18, you be gaining less damage than the flat AP based on level.To summarize, you would lose essential survivability in exchange for nearly non existent damage increases. If you fill all your glyph slots with per level glyphs, you will end up with 27.54 AP at level 18.

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I also run a few crit chance glyphs as Miss Fortune and Draven, only for one reason: a free win.

During harassing, if you get a lucky crit, you can bully an enemy out of lane.

During a duel or gank, a crit can change a failed gank with a potentially fatal engage into a double kill for you. for the increased damage, and to allow you to stack your Impure Shots faster on your target.

As Impure Shots got changed heavily, so has the need for Miss Fortune's aims and goals changed.

No longer is Miss Fortune capped by a weaker late game, and no longer is Make it Rain just a sinkhole for mana. Miss Fortune has one of the best kits for using AP among AD carries, mainly because her W scales at a rate of 0.05 (and up to 0.2), her E scales at a rate of 0.8, and her ultimate scales at a whopping rate of 0.2 per wave (1.6 total).Now, assume that you feel that you don't need magic resist, and you want to put ability power in there, you could put flat or per level AP. This in turn will provide you with one additional damage on autoattacks from W (scaling up to 3 additional damage at max stacks), 8 additional damage on E (which I almost guarantee you will never use for anything unless you have blue buff), and 2 additional damage on your ultimate waves (scaling up to 16 damage total).

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