Sedating effects of

11-Aug-2015 05:30

Intentional abusers buy these drugs off the street for recreational use or get them from friends or family members who have prescriptions.

Sedatives are not popular street drugs, and when they are used recreationally, it is usually in conjunction with other illicit drugs or alcohol.

When taken exactly as prescribed, sedatives rarely create major health risks.

A chemically diverse group of drugs are discussed together in this entry because they all appear to work in the body the same way and produce similar problems of abuse, dependence, intoxication, and withdrawal.

Sedatives are compounds that cause physiological and mental slowing of the body. However, people who use them improperly may develop symptoms of abuse, dependence, and withdrawal.

Several other classes of compounds, including sleep-promoting drugs (hypnotics) and some anti-anxiety (anxiolytic) drugs produce effects and disorders similar to those of sedatives.

When the amount of GABA increases, the speed of nerve transmissions decreases.

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Neurotransmitters help to regulate the speed at which nerve impulses travel.

The most widely prescribed and best-studied sedatives belong to a group called benzodiazepines.

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