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Several hundred young people waving Vietnam-era signs depicting draft card burnings, greeted news at' the sabcommittee vote with chants of ** Hell. we won't go." Their rally outside the Capitol was one of 7Q scheduled across the nation this week. Police were unable to reveal if die had lent the car to a friend or if the car l|ad been stolen. Sewell did say it was the police's understanding at the time that the driver ^vas not an FSU student. Flambeau Business office staff supports Free k Weefct METHODS OF CONTRACEPTION Methods of contraception class for initial contraceptive care, FSU Health Ctr Mon and Thurs. Roger Dale Patam, 34, of Bi ia ri a g l i am, waa charged with assault with attempt to aander, a spnkriman for the Walker County Sherif Ts Depatta Mat said. If we are not able to defeat the move, the extra time may give us the chance to make the non-profit agency better, but that's about all." The whole brouhaha began four years ago. A motion to reconsider the measure passed by voice vote, and will be taken up again by the committee at a special meeting next week. The union had originally asked for 6 percent in across-the-board money. GERALD GROW WILL speak on "Everything you alwavs wanted to know about holistic health but were afraid to ask tonight at '' JO at Sun Federal, 1706 West Tennessee. Brown, be the keynote sperior t FSU' i ..raduatc oownencemeiit ccfemoiiy iv Gym Situfltey. hope to sake the event thia year meaoii^l to both groups ervisors' salaries wi ig confident the budi Ion was discovered ^re gone. "The DOE also regolales the m Ut O^SH^l Odi ^S^f ^l^i Kfl Mll Sliljl B^^ ^I^JHEJIlfc j^^s^tj^^^l ^^^^I^^^^S^l gets." This msy coi De as a snprise to an Irale ■momt wno sner wann

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Earlier in the game Ramsey belted his tl«| :r of the year, to stake FSU to a 3-0 lead. X X s x \ X \ \ X X N XXX X X X CKY'S T HOUR 4-8 DAILY TWO FOR ONE Every Friday-Hoppy Hour catered by Lindy's Fried Chicken tall: SS? The Camaro was totalled, according to police, and the VW had at least ,000 in damages. "I went out to see how much damage was done and Glent Pratt (the Camaro owner) c -^ e over and said he was sorrv- my bug got hit. Minerva did not say what the women saw, but said that four days after the mwders, they gave police descriptions inconsistent with the iqppearance of both Bundy aad the person seen leaving the Chi Omega Houae. "And, it has been my experience that smaller agencies develop corruption and mismanagement practices very quickly." Batelaan and fellow Council lobbyist Kelly Furish headed a press conference at the CMp M yesterday to present their case for keeping the vocational rehabilitation program under state ao^Nces. Another 3 percent is being allocated for merit increases, to be doled oot at the discretion of oniversity administrators. College 222-9151 JWm SON TOWKi oiw bedroom furnished, pool, laundry facilities, Walk to FSU Convenient to sororities and Law School Now accepting Summer and Fall Lea^ 516 W. "Verbal expressions of disapproval are cheap, concrete rewards or punishments and provide a better index of how actions are evaluated. STRING TENNIS RACQUETS Oae day service Lowest towi. TYPING FAST EFFICIENT OF FICE MACHINE LETTERS, PA PEPS ETC 80 DBL SP PG. We emphatically condemn the tactics of the terrorist groups and the relative impunity with which these elements are operating today. Letters In the gray area Editor: Many thanks for Steve Watkins' column of .

^ II Riley worked six innings to pick up thevicl Oi|P| Ih against two losses. 24-7845 ON All DRESS BOOTS ; ME & DURANGO NOW 19"-33°" ON ASSORTED GROUP t O-KED FOR MEN NOW 7«'-12»' Ig ROUP MEN'S JEANS SALE4*-6* ED GROUP MEN'S Ih ORT SLEEVE SHIRTS NOW 3sal to draft up to 200.000 young men a year for the federal reserves. «™ications being taken •or,,'*f**_ r^es part t,me & f%J» time. "The police woke me up this morning to tell me what happened."' said the ov^-ner of the VW. Then he saw his car and he looked like he wanted to cr\-.*' Pratt, who still has ten months of car payments left to make on the Camaro said he was "pretty upset" about the wreck, but didn't know if he'd press charges if the police catch the driver oi the Pinto. 1, RED ROSES, RED ROSES, SIX IN A VASE I LOOK AT THEM, THINK OF YOU ANDMY HEART BEGINS TO RACE. Any later identification, he said, was tainted by the fact they had pictures in the media depicting Bundy as the suspect. Bat Graham was neither in attendance at the press oonfefence nor, appar e ntly , swayed by any of the Council's arguments tiiat may have reached his ears. Graham said yesterday that he still intends to end the state's direct administration of the program. DETA1LS-222-72SS' • • Sunny Day tfursery School Ages 3 mo.-5 yrs. Certifiec ' " Call 22-2841 Fred Mc 386-7081 Oona M, M. Free room and board to one male student ;n exchange for doing odd jobs around Dro Derty Beg'n now or Part time job 5 PM Mon. Another IV^ p e r c ent is being used as a one-time adjustment to boost l Ararian's pay, in order to bring them into line with other staff members. Jefferson 222-7075 SAVE 25 % .00 Permanent — .50 .00 Relaxers (retouch) - .00 (Clip and present the coupon for savingi) DON'T FOW^Iff Thursday Evening for Late Appointments FSU Union Parkumod tec S. In our society we reward the ideal bureaucrat, the man who makes his decisions in complete disregard of hunua consequences." he added. A 70 petceat diance of raio wi D exist in the afternoon with highs near 80 again. All too frequently we get the black or white of a situation, forgetting that "real life" goes on in the gray area in between. Need roommate lo share 3-bdr house close to campus.