Senior girl dating a sophomore boy college dating war com

30-Jun-2016 21:24

senior girl dating a sophomore boy college-25

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I think if your friends are putting you or your boyfriend down full knowing how mcuh you two like each other then you should take a look at your friends because real friends are there to support you and be happy for you.

i feel like we're sort of in different spaces right now, but i'm hoping it will work out for a bit longer! High school is such a high-pressure environment that every time you go up a year you feel like you've entered a whole new level of maturity, and often people try to secure that level of maturity by picking on younger students.

I'm not saying your friends do it on purpose as I have no doubt that they're really nice people, it's just one of those mentalities that I think are sometimes unavoidable.

On that note, I'd like to congratulate you on not getting stuck into that kind of thinking and for loving your boyfriend for who he is rather than how old he is. seriously dont worry about it or let it get to you!

My best friend is nearly 18 and i dont think she has ever been out with someone her age or older infact!

She seems to just go for younger boys but there isnt anything wrong with it!people are just different, im 18 and my boyfriend is 22 but acts like a 12 year old!

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