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Use somebody random, you know, somebody you meet in a bar or something. Charlotte York: No, I think that I'd feel safer with a friend. Samantha Jones, Charlotte York, Carrie: Oh, come on! It's like, it's like picking teams for dodge ball all over again. Charlotte York: What was the blow job of the eighties? Samantha Jones: [Discussing whom to call into the threesome] Just make sure that the other woman isn't a friend. But umm, I'd go with someone who has a little more experience, like Sam. But there is something sexy about a first-timer like Charlotte. Miranda: [feeling out of the loop] Oh great, no, forget about me. It's amazing what some sequins on a stick can do to free up inhibitions.

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Carrie: Dreams are a really good way to experiment. it's like buying a dress and keeping the tags on. Just when you were about to write her off as a Park Avenue Pollyanna, she'd say something so right on, you'd think she was the Dalai Lama. Charlotte and Jack locked eyes at a black tie benefit for Epstein/Barr. They've been officially dating since retinus pigmentosis. Architect, philanthropist, and the sex was amazing. Jack: Well, actually I meant more like uh, screwing in an airplane bathroom kind of fantasies. Charlotte York: [When asked about her fantasies] Well, I've always wanted to do it in my parents' bed. Late one night, Jack popped the inevitable question. Meanwhile, Samantha had been busy guest starring in a show I like to call ' Sam Does The Married Guy'. Carrie: [voice over narration] That was the thing about Charlotte.

Samantha Jones: Don't knock it till you tried it. The Village Voice had more ads for looking for threesomes than it did for small rat-infested studios renting at a thousand a month. Carrie: [voice over narration] That night at the attention deficit disorder masquerade ball, Charlotte felt free to indulge her fantasy. It's just this guy's cheap ploy to watch you be a lesbian for a night. Carrie: [voice over narration] And then she'd say something else. Carrie: [voice over narration] But the bigger question remained: if Charlotte was actually considering a threesome, who wasn't? Miranda Hobbes: If he goes up your butt, will he respect you more or respect you less?

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