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19-Jul-2015 07:28

Now I can’t get enough and I fully regret not giving them my attention in 2013., so every couple years for a decade I’d been woofing down like a dozen new Soilwork songs.That is, it’s easy to overlook an awesome metal But that’s what Metal Sucks Question Of The Week is for!It wasn’t until I saw them live in December that it fully hit me — really, the wall of sound hit me — and I realized their sheer brilliance and became a huge fan.After the show, I admitted my folly to the guitarists who were sitting at the merch table and bought two records as penance.It’s a safety zone, a trust exercise where we fall backwards into the attentive embrace of our peers.So today we’ll have one more look at 2013 to make sure none of us moves on without having given proper consideration to a hard-to-hold or easily-camoflouged superjam from last year! I had just submitted my best-of lists when I got ahold of this nasty little gem, so it was too late for me to exalt it publicly; the album came out October 1st, but I didn’t really hear it until November. Super-evil thrash from Richmond that channels Dark Angel and Celtic Frost, but brings a really gross blackened grandeur to it all (and sigils. They also seem like they’re fun as shit to see live, so keep an eye out for them if they roll through your town.

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· CAT JONES Windhand was consistently recommended to me, and kept popping up in blogs I read and in friends’ record collections — but I just didn’t fully “get” them.I got all kinds of crap from my doom pals for not including them in my top 15 and I just shrugged it off.