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29-Feb-2016 22:51

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We have better plans for it We sneak up the path quietly, watching carefully to see if there’s any security there isn’t.

It’s completely empty the only sounds we hear are the ocean waves and the animals moving around in the trees We both take a sip of vodka.

You struggle your hands against my grip, but you aren’t strong enough I force your legs apart and put my hand against you You gasp in shock, and suddenly you are twice as hot I can feel how wet you are, you grinding yourself against me I let you do it I help a little, rubbing you, pushing my fingers into you there’s some resistance, but not much, and I slide them in deep, feeling how warm you are Then I move around to your head I’m behind you now, you are still on your back, looking behind I grab your hair and slide you to the end of the altar.

You are giggling at being so naughty Soon we are at the top of the hill, where a big Mayan temple is you’ve been drinking more vodka. You are going to be my human sacrifice tonight well, the sword is meat, not metal…..

Already you feel a bit drunk like this The sun has gone down but it’s not so dark yet. There’s still some rays of sunshine coming over the horizon the temple seems to catch them I take your hand. so I’m climbing up the stairs with you on my shoulder every now and then I stop and you pour some vodka into my mouth and I slap your ass Finallywe reach the top and I lay you down on the altar…. You feel tingly and weird, but very hot I take your hands and stretch them over your head, holding them down you feel like this so I rip your bikini top off not untie.

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Here’s another sex chat I did with a girl a few months ago. Feel free to copy/paste with your own targets, just bear in mind the girl may google it. Her responses are taken out, was mostly just expressing satisfaction. probably worth getting your vibrator if it’s nearby So we are on holiday in Mexico, staying at some beach huts in the middle of nowhere. Still wearing our swimwear When the cool water is splashing onto your head and shoulders, running down between your breasts…

We’ve been there a week already already done sightseeing and diving We’ve been swimming in the sea today. I can see your nipples go hard We are looking at each other, a quick kiss We both know we want sex right now, but we’ll wait a little We don’t bother drying.

I rip it so your breasts spill out hard nipples you are already writhing and grinding your hips, moaning softly I’m still holding your hands down against the cold stone.

You can feel it cold against your ass With my free hand I roughly caress your body, feeling every curve You are looking into my face, and the sky, imagining how the Mexican virgins felt when they were killed here wondering if they were raped first it turns you on. I kiss your breasts, and drag the tip of my tongue down your stomach…

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it tickles a little I bite your hips and thighs now I’m holding your legs down too, at your ankles I keep kissing down the length of your leg, down the calves, down to your ankles you are struggling to control yourself now, you keep staring at my cock, waiting for it to come out now I rip your bikini bottoms off.

It’s violent and leaves a pink mark on your skin you are naked, panting, lifting your head up to look at me The sunlight catches against the line of my shoulders, and my cheeks I look powerful and determined, you know there’s nothing you can do to stop this how do you feel?