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I know Tesco did a dairy free easter egg (it wasn't particularly exciting to look at but did the job). Also Holland & Barrett do some chocolate beans (look like smarties) & chocolate footballs which are dairy free.Search your supermarkets before you visit the specialist websites. Depending on how intolerant she just irritation or severe allergy as Green & Blacks range of dark chocolate states it has milk powder but it is in fact only a trace as it's made on the same production line as their milk version.yeah shes starting to notice that her big sister is eating nicer things like today when the eldest was eating fresh cream and she was just looking like 'why havent i got that' , poor baby x Hi, yes it does exist, my son had cows milk allergy for a couple of years.Have a look in the specialist food section of Tesco and Sainsburys for 'Dairy Free' chocolate buttons. i just wondered if anyone knew if dairy free and lactose free chocolate exsists??? Some more expensive shops like Hotel Chocolat do dairy free chocolate - if you look for vegan-friendly chocolate, that will be dairy free. she started looking at her big sister eat nice treats so i wana try and get her a egg for easter so she doesnt feel left out if you know what i mean !! x I bought my OH a free-from easter egg last year from Asda I think - it was a wee bit pricier than other easter eggs, but worth it I think.thanx girls, ive looked at and its really expensive and nothing really suitable for toddlers.

You can also have a look at Dietary Needs Direct website who do a load of great stuff.

Green & Black's Organic Chocolate | Frequently Asked Questions So if just a trace isn't a prob maybe this could be an option?

the dairy free chocolate buttons are available in most supermarkets and I have found dairy free chocolate lollies in sainsburys - they look the same as the ones with milk in but are labelled for allergy sufferers.

My LO is lactose intolerant and he looks longingly at his brother's treats!

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im asking as my 1 1/2 yr old daughter is lac and dairy inolorant.

You can get dairy free chocolate buttons (white and "milk"), chocolate bars and chocolate dips from Tesco and other supermarkets in their free from section.

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