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24-Feb-2016 03:09

Many users will likely migrate over to our “New Chat, or Peeps Cams Chat” during a service interruption with our main / OC (original chat rooms).

It’s not our chat system, but some congestion with the Internet itself, particularly in the USA – details and map showing whats been happening Oct – Nov 6 and still going off and on here: If the main chat system is down and I do not know about it, others will likely post a comment on down below.

(look for the date and time that comments are posted) The OC / Old Chat / Original chat is down permanently – details posted here: When the main OC / Original Chat / Old chat system is down, many of our users will pop into the Sex Chat New Chat our newest system which has the most features is the new mv-chat system.

Some users will need to get a fresh / non-cached version of the page, so you may need to hold down the shift key while clicking reload / refresh page (most browsers will work with shift + F5) get the message “could not connect / server sent no data” and not be on a ban list or a blocked ISP or country list.

There are a few times a year when our chat server goes offline, and no one can connect.

Usually when this happens other people will post comments below here asking if it’s a global issue.

You can see by the times and dates of comments below the times when our chat server was giving this message to everyone (unless you are the first to notice and comment on that particular day); although it does not happen very often, it has happened a few times over the years.

Having trouble connecting to our free sex chat rooms?

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The mf-chat-rooms aka flashy chat system is another backup option some may enjoy.If you are looking for friends you had planned to meet in the chat and it is down, you might find that they have a profile in the peeps members section where you can send a private messages even if they are offline at the time, and tell them which chat system you are popping into and when.If the main chat system is working fine for everyone else, yet you still can not connect, the most common problems and their respective solutions are posted below: Did you try to login and get just the blue screen, or a message that said “Disconnected” or “connect failed” or something like that?If so, there are many possible causes, especially with our new security layers, it’s no big deal, just get back to the chat room screen, and refresh / reload the page.

The Peeps Cams chat aka New Chat system is working for some people and having lag / non-connection issues.Random connection problems – not able to connect, not able to login – if logged in then can’t change rooms, getting logged out – not 100% of the time – but at random times here and there since Oct 17th.