Sex chat with female bodybuilders

03-Mar-2015 12:20

Like the men similarly compelled, women who juice must confront the very same health and legal issues when they decide to juice-up."After my girlfriend made her decision to juice it up, with me as an up-close personal witness to all of her transformations during this time, it changed my mind about women on the juice forever."The first thing you'll notice if you take up with a juiced chick is her heightened level of aggression.I saw her go from a hot hard body to a bloated, mental mess."My girlfriends' skin became course and dry; a lot of her hair fell out while it grew on her face, her chest, and down her butt; her voice dropped three octaves; her nose grew; her jaw widened; she got spaces between her teeth; she got acne all over her chest, across her shoulders, and down her back; and she stopped having her period."She developed almost every side effect a woman can, both physical and emotional, from all the different drugs she took.It was an incredible metamorphosis, and certainly the root of our demise.

I do not judge any decision of an athlete for their choices pro or con, I just chose not to.A woman will not know if or how she is going to react until she tries a cycle... The changes in a female during this process are not all the same since no one reacts exactly the same to any procedure.he bodybuilding/ fitness/ figure/ bikini industry hangs it's roots with the body beautiful crowd.Wanted: Hot firm, tanned, toned skin, the more skin with sexy, lean muscle the better.

Some experience every possible negative side effect and it seems some do not. I interviewed both men and women about this hush hush side of women's sports.

Most men wanted to know what sex with a juiced chick would be like and most women wanted to know what would happen to them if they came to decide to juice it up for better performance and hopefully higher physique scores.