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I was born on Tuesday, June 5, 1923 at 640 E Street, NE, Washington, D. My older brother Philip had been born at Sibley Memorial Hospital, North Capitol Street. I recall Mama telling me that I had a black Mammy (Lisa) for a while. As a child, I remember her reading to me and usually Phi1ip too since we were only two years apqart. Im not sure, but have vague recollections of being told that a midwife did the honors. My recollections of Mother are of a short, plump, jovial, loving person. I always enjoyed her cooking and recall that she always remembered each one of our favorite dishes.She and Dad often spoke of the young peoples group at Keller.

Apparently she became affiliated with the Keller Memorial Lutheran Church at an early age.The church was the hub of her social activities throughout life. Germanys new reparations note delivered to entente capitals on Thursday afternoon to specify a prescribed number of annuities and German capacity for payment be left to an international committee of experts. Heavy emigration from Canada to US has practically ceased. During the two week period overlapping the above events, I was in traction at the Holy Redeemer Hospital in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania - lower back trouble. in the Georgetown channel, N of Highway Bridge by Coast Guard using breeches buoy (a demonstration). The dates of her death and burial are etched in my mind because I could not be present.

Lillian Leona Daly was one of seven children (Will, Harry, Adolph, Mabel, John, Margaret) born to Margaret Matilda Thour and William Walker Daly in Washington, DC.

lillian attended public school in the Northeast section of Washington in the vicinity of 9th & Maryland Avenue.