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In exchange for the plea, prosecutors dropped a third-degree rape charge.Colvett’s attorneys, Mark Bryant and Emily Roark, asked to delay the sentencing until this week so Colvett would have time to sell his house.Previously 16 was Kentucky’s age of sexual consent in all cases, even when alleged sexual contact existed between a student and teacher. But love is not entirely the reason Randy Cope wanted Sarah Jackson dead.

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Because 16 is the legal age of sexual consent in Kentucky, police could charge him only with unlawful transaction with a minor, saying that he encouraged the girl to disobey her parents by seeing him outside of school. That’s why, three weeks before he drove to her house and tried to “blow her brains out,” he wrote her a letter saying, “I will always love you and I wish you the best in life.” That’s why, before he sent his brother to shoot her and before he tried to hire a hit man to kill her, he wrote, “I will always be a friend to you.” That’s why, as he tried to destroy her career and reputation by sending out pornographic e-mail messages under her name, he wrote, “I will keep you in my prayers.” Love: That’s why.Further investigation revealed the relationship began when the girl was 15, and police charged Colvett in December with felony counts of third-degree rape and tampering with evidence as well as associated misdemeanors.An Associated Press investigation conducted after Colvett was charged revealed that 95 Kentucky teachers lost their certifications because of sexual misconduct between 20. Charges ranged from inappropriate comments to rape and sodomy.

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In April, Colvett entered an Alford plea to two counts of second-degree sexual abuse and one count of tampering with evidence.

In an Alford plea, a person does not admit guilt, but admits enough evidence exists to convict him.